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It's pronounced "meem." If you don't believe me, GOOGLE IT.


Are these "jesusween"people for real? They do know that having a little fun with history and different cultural
beliefs is not the same as worshipping satan, right? What is it with fundies? Gotta take the fun out of everything.

Non-christian DOES NOT automatictally mean evil. Psychos.


So my finger is getting better (I can bend it again!), but my mom had knee surgery and is being difficult. Nurses always make the worst patients, because they know more than you and keep telling you how you're screwing up. Being a nurse to someone who's had surgery? Is a full time job. That, plus my actual job is like having two full time jobs without the benefits or extra pay.

Anyway. I'm getting myself a tablet for christmas, because I'm not getting anything else, and I deserve a reward dammit. And an eye exam. Who knew that thyroid problems messed with your eyes? And so the exam I got 8 months ago is now useless. Yippee.

The Hospital is Watching Me

So, I'm at the hospital with my mom, who just had one of her knees replaced. I get out my laptop to cruise around, and naturally I go to LJ. But before I get there, a message pops up saying the page is blocked by the hospital network, and that if I click to continue, my actions will be logged. Challenge accepted! If you can figure out who I am and where my laptop is, you can do all the logging you want. Alert the administration, a patient's guest is using the complimentary wifi for their own purposes!

I'm so tickled right now. Least the wifi has a sense of humor that every nurse here lacks.

One handed

Soooo...cat bites really really suck. Had to have my finger cut open and scraped, then had to have my fingernail sewed back on. I'm left handed now, which is hard, therefore this post is short.

Also, it itches like CRAZY.
Miguel Caceres is a gay refugee from Honduras. He fled Honduras after multiple threats and attempts on his life because he is gay. He won his deportation case because of the persecution he would face in his home country, but he has not been released from prison. Sign the petition! This illegal detention will not stand!


UPDATE: He's been released! I'm relieved, though it's a shame that there had to be a petition at all.

Super Dry, AND Super Sensitive

I know lots of people with this problem, who are exasperated with all the lotions and soaps out there that claim to be "ultra moisturizing," but still have scents and dyes and crap that leave your skin dry, itchy, and angry.

You know what I'm talking about! You can tell when your skin is angry with you, especially the skin on your face.

I also know that lots of commercials for soap and lotion says "dermatologist recommended." But that doesn't mean it's right for you! Nutritionists also tell us that we get most of our nutrition from grains, when compared to a balance of meat and veggies, grains are severely lacking. But that's off the point...

I have rosacea. It was quite bad until recently, when a dermatologist turned me on to Cetaphil. After recommending the "dove beauty bar" of course. He didn't look happy when I looked him straight in the face, said I'd tried that and it sucked. Guess he wasn't used to patients being a step ahead of him.

But that's my point. I have lived with dry, itchy, red, patchy, bumpy (and itchy bumpy) skin for five years. You can be sure that there isn't any "wonder product" I haven't tried, with terrible results.

My absolute fav is Cetaphil. I got a sample of it from the derm, and loved it. I've also tried the bar version of their soap, but I like the liquid cleanser much better because I find the bar soap to be almost as drying as other bar soaps. Plus it leaves a nasty residue.

And on top of the liquid facial soap, I use their regular everyday lotion. I used to use Vaseline intensive moisture whatever, which was the best I had found before Cetaphil, and it was OK. But I was blown away by how good the Cetaphil felt, and how quickly my face calmed down. My rosacea's not gone completely (might have to get laser treatment for that), but it's significantly improved.

Caution, though, everything from Cetaphil might not be right for you. I was on vacation this past week, and I got some of their combination lotion/sunblock. I regretted it immediately, as my face swelled up and became itchy again.

Also, I have yet to find ANY makeup of ANY kind that does not make me want to claw my face off, so I just don't wear it. However, if you do wear makeup, I highly suggest something gentle and natural. I've heard good things about minerals, but I can't speak for it.

And it's true, Cetaphil is a little more expensive than, say, Vaseline lotions, but IMO, totally worth it. The lack of itch and dryness alone sold me. Really, aren't we trying to get the most value out of what we do purchase? If you're going to buy a $10 bottle of lotion, make it count.

QUICK LOTION TIP: Putting lotion all over your body is time consuming, and often messy. It also uses a lot of that expensive lotion you just bought. But here's how to put on the lotion in under a minute, without using gobs! Get a (small) cheap spray bottle. Turn on the hot water, and while you're waiting for it to warm up, squirt a few blobs of lotion into the bottom of the bottle. When the water is warm, fill up the rest of the bottle. Put the lid back on, and shake until mixed. Then you can just spritz yourself with sprayable lotion! It takes me under 60 seconds to do my whole body, and you can get an amazing number of uses out of only a couple pumps of lotion. But your skin won't feel dry, because the water evaporates, leaving the lotion to soak in. So, no more dry skin on your body, AND no more wasted lotion, AND you save time. It's a win-win-win. Extra pointer--since the skin on my face might as well be tissue paper for all the durability it has, I still put straight-up lotion on my face twice a day. I also wash my face every single day (but only once, more is too rough) with the liquid soap.

personal note: this idea came to me back when I used to teach swim lessons. I would be in the pool for 20 to 30 hours a week, and it was murder on my already dry skin. I started buying those moisturizing scent spritzers or whatever the hell they are (even though I couldn't stand the smell), because they were fast and I could just grab it out of my bag once or twice a day and give myself a spritz. One day when I ran out, and didn't have time or money to go get more, I just thought to myself: I have the spray bottle and some lotion, I'll just make my own to hold me over. And then it felt so much better to use my regular lotion that I never went back.


Republicans fucking piss me off. Bunch of douchewaffles now want to make themselves look less like a gaggle of assclowns and are trying to spin this recent financial crisis so it looks like it's Obama's fault.

I'm not saying Obama is perfect--no one is. I'm sure he's made his share of mistakes; so have I. But he was trying to make the best of the situation. He was trying and trying to reach a deal with the "opposing party" (if you can call these fucktards an actual party), and they resisted up to the last minute.

Now they're saying that Obama wants to raise taxes. It's true, he does, but only for people making more than a certain amount of money! As in people who make millions of dollars off oil and the like. He doesn't want to raise taxes on "the little guy," like many republicans are saying. It's the old "trickle down economics" that Bush was so fond of. The only problem being that that strategy NEVER works. The big wigs keep the extra money instead of creating new jobs. But, by taxing bigwigs, other opportunities are created for small businesses. The "politicians" who are telling you otherwise *coughBoehnercough* are liars protecting their own interests.

Republicans are doing their damnedest to make Obama look like a callous bad guy, when it's really the big oil republicans working to protect their own profits. They're the ones who refused to deal when Obama said he would tax people in high income brackets.

And for the record, Obama never threatened to withhold social security checks. He simply stated that if the republicans wouldn't deal, then there just wouldn't be enough money in the treasury to pay those checks. That is not a threat, it's a picture of how far some high powered republicans are willing to go to make sure that they'll never need social security.

The only thing I'm left wondering is how anyone can possibly be taken in by such a bunch of lying black-hearted bastards. It astounds me to see people who are living in poverty actually want republicans to be in power. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?


You know what I love? Skins for your gadgets. I just got a skin for my kindle because I was sick of looking at that stupid glaring white border all the time. Now it looks like a bookshelf! Gonna get one for my phone as a birthday present to myself. Although I can't decide between cheshire cat and surfer girl.

Wanna see some?

Those two are the best.

Get great hair WHILE you save money!

Whew! It's been a little while. Of course it's right before I go on vacation that my ac starts making funny noises and a rotor on my car needs replacing.

Anywho, on to the tips!

Get great hair and save money doing it! My trick? Ditch the shampoo! Now, before you freak out and think that I run around with perpetually greasy hair, just hear me out. I do wash my hair, but with conditioner instead of shampoo. Yes, it does work! All conditioners have either cetyl or steryl alcohol, which are more than adequate to wash your hair.

Do you know why your hair looks so awful, even though you've tried everything? It's because all shampoo has either a sulfate, or another lathering agent that strips your hair's good oil. Does your scalp itch? Does your hair go crazy even though you spend hours on it? That's because your hair is so dry that it's impossible to make it look nice. No amount of gel is going to help, especially since most gel has silicone, which also dries your hair.

Bet you can't guess what other common cleaning product has the same sulfates that are in your shampoo! Drumroll please......dish soap! That stuff that cleans last week's lasagna pan is the same stuff you're using on your head! You know what that stuff does to your hands, now you know what it's doing to the sensitive skin of your scalp!

Conditioner takes care of all that. It doesn't dry or strip, it cleans gently.

And here's where the money saving comes in--you don't need to buy shampoo or gel or any of that crap! Wash with conditioner, use a leave in conditioner on the ends to detangle and comb (but make sure it doesn't have cetyl alcohol or silicone--those will dry your hair!) My favorite leave in is infusium 23 leave-in liquid. It's not heavy, it's still slick enough to detangle, and it doesn't have cetyl alcohol or silicone.

There you have it! All you need for great hair is two bottles of conditioner and a comb!

PS--brushing is bad Bad BAD for your hair; don't do it! And if you think it will spread the good oil through your hair, it won't, because this day in age no one has enough oil in their hair to do that.

Next up:
The best products for super dry, super sensitive skin.